Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Oh Really?


It is as much a by product of arrogance as it is of ignorance. Both can be twins in most cases though not all. Anyhow, too much of knowledge in one section generally causes an isolation from the rest and hence ignorance. So in this specialized world, we all are indeed ignorant because holistic learning has now been left for those termed as "altenatives/off beat"

A recent acquaintance of mine enthused blindfolded faith in her age old school of thought and well also her age. Having had years of experience in her field, she was ruthless and unrelenting to anything but what she felt was right or perhaps what she has learnt to be right. I wanted to ask her what was her criteria of judgement, but decided to let go, I did not want her to further harass me with her probable hatred of organic evolutionary thought process.

And as luck would have it, I bumped into her, or rather we bumped into each other. She  in her crisp cotton Sari that spoke of the league she belongs to while I  in clothes that belong only to my self. She absolutely disregarded even a chance to let me speak because I am young, I am naive, I am inexperienced and to top it all I dropped out of "Only Gods Come Here" University.

She spoke of her hard work in her field, dedication, focus, and everything that would make it sound like some alienated process absolutely disconnected from life itself. I told her of my take on the same and she gave me the look, of one who has mastered that ugly, obnoxious, devilish sarcasm and said "Oh Really? I would want to see then whats your take on that."

I smiled and told her she definitely would, she cannot help it. But she could have certainly opened her eyes, ears, mind and heart a little more, for systems are created by us humans, they can also be evolved by us humans, and some rigid ones can also some day be proven as faulty and hollow by us humans.

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