Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dropout's encounter with the inquisitive neighbour

Neighbhour: Hello, heard you left your ...ahem...

Dropout: yes I did

Neighbour (feeling proud of having succeeded in initiating the conversation, it would earn her bonus points in the weekend kitty) : I also heard that you are leaving for "The Godforsaken Place" for work

Dropout: ...

Neighbour: So where are you these days?

Dropout: I am leaving in ten days

Neighbour: No, so where are you these days?

Dropout:  I leave in ten days

Neighbour: NO! I MEAN Where are you NOW??

Dropout: Right HERE!


Neighbour (attempts again, those bonus points are important!): So what's your plan for life?

Dropout: I am thinking...

Neighbour: No, so how will you do it, I mean what next?
Dropout: God came in my dreams and said that if I go to that " The Godforsaken Place", I will get my answer. Thats why I am going to work there, but don't tell anyone...

Neighbour (wide eyed! this information assures not  just bonus points but celebrity status!) : Really? Thats what I also thought, don't worry my lips are sealed


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