Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dropout in the bus

Co-Passenger-- What do you do?

Dropout (has just dropped out the day before, is returning home)-- umm... actually I ...I used to study

Co-Passenger (scratching face) -- So now you work?

Dropout-- Eh... I just finished my course...

Co-Passenger- When?

Dropout (Oh God!)- I mean I left my course now...I was at OGCH

Co-Passenger (suddenly very excited)- You mean dropped out of the "Only Gods Come Here (OGCH)" University???

Dropout (Yes I am that verocious monster your mom warned you against!)- Well yes.

Co-Passenger- WHY???

Dropout- I ...I have reasons ...

Co-Passenger- tch tch...You shouldn't have... You should have completed you know!


Co-Passenger: You know "God 1" ? He studied there in 1980s

Dropout: I was not born then perhaps

Co-Passenger: You know "God 2" ? He is my brother's friend. Joined last to last to last to last year...

Dropout: I joined six months back

Co-Passenger: You don't interact much do you?



  1. It takes a nerve to be that , that you call a "dropout"....I call em "Unconventional"..

    My best friend is an epitome of such dauntlessness..She left a regular science course last year and she's a yoga trainer right now...and will soon be doing her research in performing arts...I'm proud of her..

    I really liked your blog for i know people don't spare you from pinning your ears right at your eardrums when you take a step ahead to be a nonconformist....

    But in the end it's all about following your dreams, and that feeling is satiable enough..:)

  2. I think the word should be "walkout"! :P